Quick View of Success

I am sorry for those that actually follow this website and blog. I am a horrible blogger and probably should just hire someone, Haley you are the only person on my list as of right now. Haley is my sister who always seems to update the family on what is going on because I never remember to.

I left you last in Newport, Whales. Newport was amazing. Training in Newport was an amazing opportunity and I totally embraced it. I got to ride on the Velodrome there and the roads around the area. I even got face to face with the pavement in the local country side. Yes that means I fell over. I was one of a couple of people that were tangled up on a training ride, no fault to anyone, just bad luck. Everyone healed up just fine to go to compete at the Games.

The 2012 London Paralympic Games that is, started a week or so later. The Games in London were amazing. Those Games marked my 6th consecutive Paralympic Games going back to Salt Lake City in 2002.  The opening ceremonies I heard were great. I only got to see a few minutes of the Ceremonies. The walk over to the stadium took almost 3 hours by the time each team was led in. We, a large chunk of the cycling athletes and other athletes, only did one lap around the track and then back to the dorms. I managed to hijack a wheelchair from a friend who did not go and also persuaded someone to push me. I am an athlete, which makes me slightly lazy.

After the opening Ceremonies was my first event, my least favorite, the 3km Pursuit. This race was a combination of three different but comparable disability categories. The three groups raced head to head in the event. Not ideal but at least it raises the bar on the type of effort needed to succeed. I will be 100% frank when I say I had a horrible first ride. I still managed to qualify for a second ride finishing 4th in the qualifier. I knew going into the second ride that all I could do was ride my ride no matter the result. The third place qualifier was almost 5 seconds ahead of me in the first round. Well I will just say that I did what I wanted to do and it worked out just fine. I rode my ride and accomplished what I wanted to do. The accomplishment and bull headed nature let me out ride my competitor, landing me in the Bronze medal. That Bronze medal was not my best overall performance but I stuck to my guns and won the first medal for Team USA at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

After the Pursuit I had the 500m. The 500m is my favorite event that I get to race on the track but still not my favorite. The 500m is just too short. By the time you finish you feel like 10 minutes later you could do it again at the same performance. I was ranked well from previous events and got to go towards the end. I knew that my personal best was a good for a result but I also knew that some of the other ladies have been training just for the 500m. The race was still a combination of the same three disabilities but this time there was a factor involved, sort of a handicap like what is used in golf. The better you are, or in this case the less of a disability, the smaller the help is. The worse you are, or more physically challenged, the larger the help. This factor allows different disabilities to race on an even playing field despite the disability. Back to the racing, after a very talented young lady from Australia set a new world record for her disability group I was just out to race for a personal best. I didn’t achieve that but I still raced to 4th place. I am completely happy with how the 500 turned out. No medal but big applause for the Australia who won a Bronze medal in a combined class.

After the 500m I had a day to relax and get ready for the road event out at Brands Hatch, an F1 driving course north of London proper. The team got to run the course for a couple of hours the two days prior to the Time Trial. I had a lot of fun. The course is the most challenging course that I have raced yet. The course has no straight sections, flat sections, or convenient areas to take in food or water. Big sweeping turning, sharp off camber turns and just not nice hills make this a perfect course for my style of riding. I figured that if I wanted to ride my best I needed to take advantage of my turning and descending skills that I have picked up from skiing.

For the race itself I did what I could. I knew that I couldn’t go out to hard but I didn’t want to not go to easy either. The course had a lot of areas where the line in which you rode could save you seconds. The truly only difficulty I had was the very first critical corner. I was descending fast and at the bottom of the hill there was a 90 degree off camber turn with a grate in the inside corner. Timing was key and carrying momentum back up the next hill was important. I pre-rode that corner at speed multiple times and knew what I needed to do. The only thing I did not account for was other people. I had preconceived that I would pass those in front of me but I didn’t realized how quickly I would do that. At the bottom of this hill was my worst fear. Not only were there two riders but the two cars that were following them. I had to negotiate the cars first which meant a lot of honking by the car following me and taking the more risky line. Good news I stayed up right and so did the others. After passing them I was set and ready to keep riding the way I know how to, hard up the hills and get as small as possible on the down. I took the lines that I saw were the fastest using my skiing knowledge and pedaled as much as possible. Once I did finish all I could do was wait. Several of the riders that I passed were in a different disability group and the same calculation method that was used for the 500m was used again for the Time Trial. It was just a matter of waiting to see if I beat them by enough time to declare the results. I won and with gusto. Not to boast myself but that was the one event that I wanted after winning Silver at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

After only a few short hours of rest I was racing the next day. My last and final event at the 2012 London Paralympic, the road race was the same course as the Time Trial just repeated the loop six times instead of twice, rounding up to 48 km or nearly 30 miles. I was ready for this event. The same disabilities that I had been racing against all week were again lumped together with no calculation system, just head to head racing. I have been racing with this group of riders for a while and I knew what to expect. I knew that it was going to be tough but didn’t realize how much more difficult the race was going to be on that course. When we finally finished there were on three riders together in the final kilometer and I had done everything I could to get there. I finish 3rd but only inches away from second. That finish was amazing and I could not have ridden my bike any further, faster, or harder.

Quick perspective, my first lap in the Time Trail on that course was 14 minutes, second lap was 14 minutes 15 seconds. The first lap in the road race was 14 minutes and 30 seconds and we only got faster after that. I was shocked after that first lap but I also know that they are pushing just as hard as I was and I knew that all I had to do was to continue to pedal.

After the road race I walked away with one Gold, two Bronze, and a fourth. Not bad I must say. In 2008 a couple of teammates and myself got a tattoo together, a cyclist with “1” and “4” in the wheels. The 14 representing the 14 medals the team won with only 12 athletes. On a personal note the “1” and “4” also meant first summer medal and fourth Paralympic medal. Well for the 2012 Paralympic Games the team earned 17 medals, which broken down again the “1” and “7” for me mean my first summer gold medal and my seventh Paralympic medal. Now it is just a manner of figuring out what the tattoo should look like 😉


After the Paralympic Games rest was needed but if anybody knows me knows that I am not good at rest. Preceding the Games I took two days to explore London and then flew straight to Reno, NV to watch my dad fly. After Reno I drove with a friend to Las Vegas for Interbike, the 2012 bike expo for all of the companies to show what they have coming out in 2013. After Vegas and money only lost on adult beverages we drove back to Colorado Springs. Four days later I had all of my personal things packed into boxes and loaded up into my dad’s trailer headed toward Oak Creek, CO, just south of Steamboat Springs, where I moved to. After five years in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs I was ready to move on and get ready for my next adventure, the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Once moved into Oak Creek, didn’t even spend the night, I was off to Rochester, NY to meet the fine folks at Adecco and by chance Chobani. I flew home just in time to fly to Nevis, an island in the West Indies. There is where I did nothing. Locked the passports, phones, and watches into the safe and sat on a beach drinking rum and cokes for five days. Regrettably we had to leave paradise and start another journey home. My journey home was not a straight shot but a drive from Orlando, FL to Marion, NC to pick up my friends life and then the two of us drove an eighteen foot box truck from Marion, NC to Oak Creek, CO where we finally had the majority of our stuff in one location. The only thing that was missing was our cars which we left back in Colorado Springs where we concluded our grand adventure. In one month I drove half the east coast, and coast to coast. My friend nearly finished the whole of the east coast.


Don’t worry, I am now well rested and ready to start all over again. I have already skied for two weeks and look forward to the upcoming skis season!


Life in Wales

I’m here in Wales and it is beautiful. So I have been rained on but the welcome and hospitality are amazing. Monday afternoon we went on a ride to the velodrome where we would be training for the next five days or so and then on a ride with Scotty. Scotty is a member of the British armed forces. He happens to have just gotten back from a deployment in Afghanistan and wanted to ride his bike. So through the connections and craziness of life Scotty is our guide for the week. Kind of nice to have someone who is giving in so many ways come and show us where to ride. Helping us to prepare for the up coming Games.

Yesterday we had our first taste of English breakfast at our Hilton hotel, aka home in Wales. Good old ham, eggs, tomatoes, beans, blood sausage, sausage, and hashbrowns. Now I did not partake in the full experience but it was good to be in a location that is giving us a taste of what is local dinning. After a good wake up we road over to the velodrome for our first training session. I must say is was nice to be back on the bike. I know that I ride all of the time but there is just something about riding that helps fight fatigue of travel. After a long warmup some were still asleep on the bike but that was understandable, others were ready. I personally was somewhere in the middle.

In the afternoon we got to go for our second ride out on the road. The normal Welch weather was showing us her hand. With big grey clouds in the distance we set of for another adventure in the country side. To my surprise we were rained on for all of two minutes. While the team stopped to put on our rain jackets we stopped by two local girls, probably around eight years old. Once stopped they asked if we were really from the United States. I say Yes and then they asked why we were here in Wales. I told them that we were getting ready for the Paralympics next week and they gasped. Gasped in the sense of excitement. I was then excited for the fact that I could say Paralympics and they knew what I was talking about. Really nice to be in a country that understands what the Paralympics are and be excited to meet athletes from another country who were to compete. Made my day.

Alas though I sit here in the hotel lobby at 4:30 in the morning to write this. I am excited and I am getting anxious for the races. All I could think about was getting ready for today’s training ride so that I am that much closer to being ready for next weeks event.

Mad Dash is a New Paralympic Event


Good news I made it to London. With my faithful companion I was able to make my connection in Chicago to London. Well the fact that the pilot sped and beat traffic by 25 minutes helped a little bit.

I had enough time to spare that I was able to partake in a Chicago deep dish meat pizza. I was able enjoy half of it and then board where I was able to enjoy the other half. The flight was not full, in fact many athletes were taking whole rows to themselves. I did not sleep but the flight seemed to go by quick, well 7.5 hours quick.

Upon debarking the plane a man was detained and we were greeted by a bunch of wonderful volunteers. I was able to help move the pace along with the help of my faithfully companion. The volunteers were amazed and in awe that I brought along my companion. All of the downhills were a breeze and I just grabbed onto the hand rail of the moving sidewalk.

We all have our credentials and are seeing the presences of the Games all around. After a short wait with 60 pieces of luggage later, which not all of it fit into the cargo truck, we were on the road to Newport, Wales.

We built bikes and road the country side. Dinner and tea later I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Here’s to delirious and jet lag, I have yet another blog!

My Travel Companion to London


Folks the day has come! I’m going to London for my 6th Paralympic Games! No it does not lose it flare! I’m as nervous and excited as I was for my first Games in Salt Lake City ten years ago.

This year I am bringing a mobility assistance device, see picture above. I am excited to be traveling with my companion and will be sure to keep it along for all of my adventures.

First challenge of the Games, make my 25 minute connection in O’Hare. I’m trying for a new record from the E terminal to the C terminal, shuttles will be involved. I have all confidence that I will be able to make my connection now that my companion is coming along.

Now I need your help. I am currently taking suggestion for a name for my companion. Find me on Facebook or Twitter and I will take in your thoughts.

Keep following for more adventures around London with my new best friend.

Going East (US only)

Nationals and Canada

Let me just spoil the plot and climax of this blog. I’m going to London!!!!
I finished up the trials in Augusta, GA with a huge smile on my face. I started off the trip with a layover in Chicago to speak with college students attending a work shop with BP. Fun group and good times in downtown Chi town.
I then made my way south to Augusta. To my surprise the weather was quite manageable. That didn’t last long but I was at least not in the heat for the entire trip. The first event was the TT which is the last qualifying event for the London Paralympics. I had multiple opportunities to ride the course and plan a strategy for the race. Good news I stuck to my game plan, great news I went one full minute faster then my optimistic goal. This was great because with that ride I secured my spot on the team. For the women’s team thing were pretty cut and dry. There was one spot up for real contention out of the six slots we earned through the previous season.
The men’s team on the had was not as easy. For some reason unknown to myself and others they selection committee only selected six of the eight available slots. The final two slots were to be filled by two separate ride offs. The crazy thing is that these ride offs were never apart of the selection procedure and came out of the blue for a couple of athletes. I felt for those individuals because what should have been a simple announcement turned into a confused state of chaos for the whole team.
After all of the team selection issues were cast aside there were still races to ride including the road race there at nationals and a World Cup in Canada. I rode the road race and managed to beat myself 🙂 and got to ride with couple of cool peeps.
After the conclusion of my nationals I hung around and watch some of the U23 men’s race and the Pro Women’s and Men’s race the following day.
After nationals I got to hang out in North Carolina with our team mechanic and ride new awesome routes in the mountains. Yes I will call them mountains for they were long and steep climbs. NC’s western region does not know what flat is. I don’t think I rode a single flat section my entire time there.
My next adventure took me up to Canada northern region along the St Lawrence. A place that could be lost off the map and no one would know but also a beautiful country and community to ride in. The World Cup was the final international race before the Paralympics. I got one more chance to rise against my competition and to practice racing before the big show. I had a lot of fun. Did the Merck’s style of time trialling, raced on my road bike and not my time trial bike. The course is predominately up one the first half and then really fast technical down on the other side. I had fun on my road bike for sure. The road race was two days later on the big loop course. I got to ride with my teammate, not usual, which helped me push myself beyond what I thought possible. She encouraged me when I thought I was done and help me ride to another successful ride. All in all I won both my races and finished the season ranked 2nd, I didn’t compete in the World Cup in Spain which set me back to 4th. With the conclusion of the this World Cup the only thing left to do is polish up my track racing skills and get ready for my SIXTH Paralympic Games.

London here I come!

More Road Miles

So I start yet another epic and adventurous road travel extravaganza. I was home for two whole weeks, crazy I know. I actually was able to settle back into my own bed and routine at the Olympic Training Center. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Well the good hasn’t ended but sleeping in my own bed has.
I started this latest trip with a short hop to Chicago. I was asked to speak to a bunch of college sophomores that were getting to experience a really cool program at BP. For a week these students have been hanging with BP and learning all about the company and specifically trade. Pretty cool if you ask me. I had a lot of fun talking to them. Still young but starting to determine their future, perfect time to knead them and share my story.
After my little talk I am now in Augusta, GA for the Road Cycling Nationals and the last qualifying event for the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London. CRAZY!!!! I am here really early but gives me a chance to figure out the heat that much better. I will be racing the TT on Thursday, Crit on Friday, and Road Race on Saturday. The team will be announced on Friday after the Crit. So EXCITED!!!! I know that I have a great shot at making the team but I am still nervous. Some say that makes me a better athlete but I just wish I could relax just a bit more. Oh well. I will bottle up all of the butterflies in my stomach and release the furry on the TT course. For those starting in front of me watch out here I come!!
After Trials I am off to NC. What you ask is in NC, not that much really:) I kid. A friend has invited me to hang for the week between races and it gives me a chance to ride in a new part of the country. I hear that the Smokey Mountains are really awesome to ride. I hope so! After my training block in NC. I will be on my way up to Canada for the final World Cup before the Paralympics. It will be held in one of my favorite places to race, but my least favorite place to get to, Baie-Comeau, QC. After the races I will be back in Colorado for all of two days before heading to LA for the first of many velodrome training camps getting ready for the big show in September.
After LA I will be home for 10 days, aaahh-mazing. I should add up all of the days that I am home and see weather or not I am really ever home. I thing my duffle bag contains more of my bike life then my room does most of the time.

Look for day-by-day update on my twitter feed and facebook, both are jonezyrocks!!

My crazy travels!!!

So this trip should have started to go the right direction. First of all I got all my luggage, amazing. But that is where it ended. Do to some miss understanding and confusion we sat at the airport for hours. Eventually we started to make our way to Piacenza, about an hour and a half drive away. My van was the girls van, just happened that way, and our van made it all of 50km. Then it broke. Fully gassed and pedal to the floor we were going nowhere. Good spirits and many laughs later Pablo, the tow truck driver, helped us negotiate with the taxi drivers to get us back to the airport to pickup another van. We made it to the hotel 12 hours after landing in Milan. This was really the only thing that went bad for the week of Piacenza.

One week later…

I am write this is Italy with a big grin on my face. I am racing in gorgeous country side and eating great food. I have just finished a regional Paralympic Cycling competition in Piacenza, Italy. Men and women from the same disability classes started together and I stayed with the men for more then half my race. So jazzed that I am getting stronger and able to hang on, granted I was just hanging on by threads but I was.
The team and I are currently headed to Rome for a World Cup. We will race an Individual Road Time Trial and a Road Race.

When in Rome…
When we arrived in Rome, all vehicles arriving together, things were looking to be not so good. Pouring rain and find out that TT course is not where it was suppose to be. I think it was an upgrade if you ask me, we got to ride along the coast instead. Getting out of the city is rare when racing but to be racing along the coast was beautiful. The weather stayed beautiful and the company was in good spirits again. My TT did not go as well as previous but I have figured out some weaknesses that will only make me a better racer once I over come them. I was finished 2nd only 20 seconds behind first and 40 seconds ahead of 3rd. Still happy with my performance I went into the Road Race with only one thing on my mind, victory!
The Road Race was more my cup of tea, rolling, turning, and fast. As a group, three of us split the field into many little parts but even that took a couple of laps to happen. By the mid point there was just me and Denise from Germany up at the front. I was pushing a hard pace but knew I would have to be smart in order to win the race. Which is exactly what happened. It was awesome to hear the staff yelling loudly at the finish line after I sprinted away at the final corner.
After the races concluded I got to go see all that Rome has to offer. Thanks to Sam and a handy city map I got to see a bunch of really cool historical site that makes the US’s history look like a blink of an eye. I am know going to be reading all that I can about the places I got to see.
At this point I thought every thing was good to go. We had a plan of attack to get to the airport with all of out gear and I had a plan to get one last Italian coffee and breakfast before getting on a plane bound for the Americas. That didn’t happen. After being dropped off the wrong terminal we as a team got organized to make the trip with all of our gear over to the right terminal just to find out you can’t walk there. Next plan, turn the passenger van into a cargo van and move all o the luggage in that and people take the shuttle. Success. By the time I started to check in the second group of athletes arrived to the airport, they left the hotel an hour after we did. Baggage charges, security checks, and non accessible buses later we managed to hold the plane long enough to all get aboard and set off.

THE FUTURE… (still not totally predictable)
After the Rome World Cup I will be headed back to the States to get ready for the final team trials and last qualification opportunity for the London Paralympic Games. The trials are in Augusta, GA on June 21st. I will know then whether I’m going or not. Fear not but as of right now I will be qualified and have already set plans to be in London come August.

Riding for Others

This past weekend I got to be apart of something amazing. Did you know that 13000 bikes can ride the same stretch of road at the same time? And do you know what that looks like? Well I was fortunate enough to be able to ride in the BP MS150 from Houston to Austin, Texas. 13000 other individuals riding from different companies but all riding to help raise funds to find a cure for MS. We all gathered together in the Houston area and set off for Austin.
Myself, Dotsie Bausch, and Jennie Reed, both members of the Women’s Team Pursuit, got up before the sun to ride the first day and start the 100 mile leg to La Grange, TX. I must say I was not at all warm that morning. The 20-30 MPH wind did not help us one bit. Despite the cold temperatures and the fierce head winds I had a blast. Seeing all of the other riders out there was truly awe inspiring. Riding with one leg I thought I had challenged myself, but after seeing all of the other riders that were out of shape, inexperienced, tennis shoe bared, on nobbie tired mountain bike, and just straight up in over their heads I felt like this was an easy ride for me. Those individuals were braver then I ever was when I started riding. My six hours on the bike was nothing compared to the individuals were out riding their bikes for 12 hours. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to continue on for that long. My credits to them.
It is amazing what a cause such as finding the cure for MS will drive individuals to do. I got to meet individuals who have the disease and I have teammates with MS. Knowing that rides and runs like this one happen all over the country makes me proud to have participated in one. I ride a bunch but being able to be apart of such a magnificent movement was truly amazing. I hope that I have the opportunity to participate next year and able to ride along side new friends, Dotsie and Jennie.

Life Shoe

There I was enjoying my ride. Beautiful day, no one out on the path, not to hot, just a perfect time to be riding my bike. I had just started to head home and my shoe blows apart. Well the cable that tightens the shoe on snapped. Bam! I pull over and get my head together and pull together to suss out the situtation. I figured out that if done right, I can still pedal my bike. Things are going smoothly, nice full circles using my toes and what traction I can get out of the heel cup. I start to think how karma wasn’t on myside. I am getting a new shoe but will not get to me for a couple of weeks. I start to change my feeling as I realize that I should use this to work on my pedaling and learn. Enjoy the moment and the fact that I wasn’t working at a desk. I was still able to ride and the weather was great. I had one issue at a light but managed to get myself together. I was almost home and getting by just fine. Coasting was more trouble some then pedaling, funny how that works. I get to the last busy light and have to unclip. I get my pedal all set and ready. I try to time the light so I’m rolling on green, but I failed, went to early and with a slipper on I couldn’t stall and balance. So I unclip again and the shoe comes off. I get it back on and the light has already turned green. I clip back in and look up and I realized my shoe just saved my life. I see this pickup truck, drivers on the phone, running the red light. If I had been on my normal pace I would have been squashed like a bug on sitting elephants backside. But seeing my shoe was broken I wasn’t on my normal pace and I’m alive. I immediately thanked life and all of the higher powers that be and immediately rescended everything I had said when I first broke my shoe. Things always happen for a reason. It is whether or not we are listening is what matters.

Where has the time gone

So my last post was forever and a day ago. I have written multiple attempts of a post but never seem to finish. So at your cost due to my laziness I am going to give you the cheap seat version of what has happened in the last 6th months.

September – I went to Denmark and represented the great USA on top of the podium in both the road race and the individual time trial at the 2011 Para-Cycling Road World Championships. I then went to London with the www.britainbound.com group. I got to see Cambridge, Westminster Hall, 10 Downing St, the Cotswold’s, Royal Shakespeare Company, cooking with Rob Reese, dinner with US government officials, and the Velodrome. I then went home, well I went back the US, I didn’t go home just yet. I met up with my dad in Reno. Unfortunately I did not make it in time to watch him race. There was a bad accident and the races were cancelled. I ended up driving through to Sacramento and hang with a friend. I raced in a local criterium and had a blast. With a small detour I drove to have lunch with some friends and then drove to LA. I started to get ready for Velodrome Nationals in Carson, CA. That was a fun trip. I drank a lot of coffee in Long Beach and did a bunch of riding along the spill ways in LA County.

October – Nationals were fun. It was nice to see everybody and know that everyone was in the same place that I was. Tired and ready for a real break of the bike. If you know me I can’t stay off the bike for very long. After retracing my step and then some I made my way north to Rossland, BC for some awesome mountain biking. It rained and I rode. I was covered in mud and loved every moment of it. After a week up north I made my way back to Colorado Springs. I then made a quick trip to New York City to have a new leg made. Well the original plan was to have just a new socket made but when I walked in with a busted knee the shop felt sorry for me and helped me acquire a new one. So I got a new leg.

November – I started off with a camp in Carson, CA trying to get more rust off the velodrome bike and get ready for the Para-PanAm Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. I started a new job while on the road. That was rather interesting but if you know me I don’t like to keep thing boring. The road time trial was first and it was rough. Literally. The roughest pavement, if you could call it that, I have ever ridden. I rode well be that was not my style of course. My teammate Anthony did really well finishing 4th. Next was the Velodrome where I went to set two new world records, yeah!! Then there was the road race. I got to help out my teammate but was pretty much just riding. After the Games I went back to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister and her fiancĂ©s and his family. My mother met me there and we had a great time. Until… I got a tooth infection, made things a lot of fun. Managed to get it fixed enough to get home and with no pain. I got home and immediately unpacked and repacked my car.

December – I arrive to Chula Vista and make my home at the Olympic Training Center there. It was nice to be in one place for a bit of time but it was still not home. My time spent in Chula was like an extended training camp. Same people, same rides, every day. No complaint it just wasn’t like riding at home. Which I am glad I was in CA because it got cold in CO. I came home to Colorado Springs for the Christmas break and New Years.

January – Start the run up to World Championships. Every weekend was spent up in Carson, CA at the velodrome trying to get everything together in time for the World Championships. I was glad for the change in scenery but was definitely getting tired of the drive, but that was life.

February – Race time. The final prep camp and then it was down to business. I was super excited as all of the teams started to ride. We, the team, were all grouped together and made the hotel floor like home. The first race was the 500m sprint and I had a great ride. So did two others and I finished 3rd. In the 3k pursuit I was tied for 1st place up until the last lap in the qualifier where I finished 3rd, bummer but still a good ride. The final was fun. I had the lead for the whole race but didn’t really start to pull away until the end. I finished ahead of the Spaniard and finished 3rd place. After quickly packing everything up and heading back to CO I did the same dance that I did in November. I unpacked my car and repacked my car. This time was to get ready for ski season. Yes I am crazy. I headed up to Vail, CO to get in some training days before my first race in two years. I had a blast and stayed with some really cool friends. The first race was at the end of the month in Park City, UT, with a Giant Slalom and Slalom. With big grins on my face I managed to win both events and take the overall for the race. Back home for a couple of day of R&R before going to a World Cup.

March – Yes you can say it again, I am crazy. With two days of free skiing, six days of training, and two races under my belt I was competing at a World Cup in Winter Park, CO. I was very happy that I remembered how to ski. I finish the first Super-G 1.5 seconds out of 1st sitting 5th, the second Super-G was 2 seconds out of 1st again sitting 5th. I finish the Giant Slalom in 7th and 6th. I started the slalom by finishing 2nd after the first run but fell in the second run finishing 5th. Not bad considering the amount of training. I was super happy with what I managed to do.

I am now back on my bike, suffer from the whiplash of switching sports twice in one month and working part time. I am super happy and ready for what has yet to come. Can’t wait for the summer and all it brings.