Riding for Others

This past weekend I got to be apart of something amazing. Did you know that 13000 bikes can ride the same stretch of road at the same time? And do you know what that looks like? Well I was fortunate enough to be able to ride in the BP MS150 from Houston to Austin, Texas. 13000 other individuals riding from different companies but all riding to help raise funds to find a cure for MS. We all gathered together in the Houston area and set off for Austin.
Myself, Dotsie Bausch, and Jennie Reed, both members of the Women’s Team Pursuit, got up before the sun to ride the first day and start the 100 mile leg to La Grange, TX. I must say I was not at all warm that morning. The 20-30 MPH wind did not help us one bit. Despite the cold temperatures and the fierce head winds I had a blast. Seeing all of the other riders out there was truly awe inspiring. Riding with one leg I thought I had challenged myself, but after seeing all of the other riders that were out of shape, inexperienced, tennis shoe bared, on nobbie tired mountain bike, and just straight up in over their heads I felt like this was an easy ride for me. Those individuals were braver then I ever was when I started riding. My six hours on the bike was nothing compared to the individuals were out riding their bikes for 12 hours. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to continue on for that long. My credits to them.
It is amazing what a cause such as finding the cure for MS will drive individuals to do. I got to meet individuals who have the disease and I have teammates with MS. Knowing that rides and runs like this one happen all over the country makes me proud to have participated in one. I ride a bunch but being able to be apart of such a magnificent movement was truly amazing. I hope that I have the opportunity to participate next year and able to ride along side new friends, Dotsie and Jennie.

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