Mad Dash is a New Paralympic Event


Good news I made it to London. With my faithful companion I was able to make my connection in Chicago to London. Well the fact that the pilot sped and beat traffic by 25 minutes helped a little bit.

I had enough time to spare that I was able to partake in a Chicago deep dish meat pizza. I was able enjoy half of it and then board where I was able to enjoy the other half. The flight was not full, in fact many athletes were taking whole rows to themselves. I did not sleep but the flight seemed to go by quick, well 7.5 hours quick.

Upon debarking the plane a man was detained and we were greeted by a bunch of wonderful volunteers. I was able to help move the pace along with the help of my faithfully companion. The volunteers were amazed and in awe that I brought along my companion. All of the downhills were a breeze and I just grabbed onto the hand rail of the moving sidewalk.

We all have our credentials and are seeing the presences of the Games all around. After a short wait with 60 pieces of luggage later, which not all of it fit into the cargo truck, we were on the road to Newport, Wales.

We built bikes and road the country side. Dinner and tea later I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Here’s to delirious and jet lag, I have yet another blog!

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