My Travel Companion to London


Folks the day has come! I’m going to London for my 6th Paralympic Games! No it does not lose it flare! I’m as nervous and excited as I was for my first Games in Salt Lake City ten years ago.

This year I am bringing a mobility assistance device, see picture above. I am excited to be traveling with my companion and will be sure to keep it along for all of my adventures.

First challenge of the Games, make my 25 minute connection in O’Hare. I’m trying for a new record from the E terminal to the C terminal, shuttles will be involved. I have all confidence that I will be able to make my connection now that my companion is coming along.

Now I need your help. I am currently taking suggestion for a name for my companion. Find me on Facebook or Twitter and I will take in your thoughts.

Keep following for more adventures around London with my new best friend.

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