Life Shoe

There I was enjoying my ride. Beautiful day, no one out on the path, not to hot, just a perfect time to be riding my bike. I had just started to head home and my shoe blows apart. Well the cable that tightens the shoe on snapped. Bam! I pull over and get my head together and pull together to suss out the situtation. I figured out that if done right, I can still pedal my bike. Things are going smoothly, nice full circles using my toes and what traction I can get out of the heel cup. I start to think how karma wasn’t on myside. I am getting a new shoe but will not get to me for a couple of weeks. I start to change my feeling as I realize that I should use this to work on my pedaling and learn. Enjoy the moment and the fact that I wasn’t working at a desk. I was still able to ride and the weather was great. I had one issue at a light but managed to get myself together. I was almost home and getting by just fine. Coasting was more trouble some then pedaling, funny how that works. I get to the last busy light and have to unclip. I get my pedal all set and ready. I try to time the light so I’m rolling on green, but I failed, went to early and with a slipper on I couldn’t stall and balance. So I unclip again and the shoe comes off. I get it back on and the light has already turned green. I clip back in and look up and I realized my shoe just saved my life. I see this pickup truck, drivers on the phone, running the red light. If I had been on my normal pace I would have been squashed like a bug on sitting elephants backside. But seeing my shoe was broken I wasn’t on my normal pace and I’m alive. I immediately thanked life and all of the higher powers that be and immediately rescended everything I had said when I first broke my shoe. Things always happen for a reason. It is whether or not we are listening is what matters.

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