More Road Miles

So I start yet another epic and adventurous road travel extravaganza. I was home for two whole weeks, crazy I know. I actually was able to settle back into my own bed and routine at the Olympic Training Center. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Well the good hasn’t ended but sleeping in my own bed has.
I started this latest trip with a short hop to Chicago. I was asked to speak to a bunch of college sophomores that were getting to experience a really cool program at BP. For a week these students have been hanging with BP and learning all about the company and specifically trade. Pretty cool if you ask me. I had a lot of fun talking to them. Still young but starting to determine their future, perfect time to knead them and share my story.
After my little talk I am now in Augusta, GA for the Road Cycling Nationals and the last qualifying event for the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London. CRAZY!!!! I am here really early but gives me a chance to figure out the heat that much better. I will be racing the TT on Thursday, Crit on Friday, and Road Race on Saturday. The team will be announced on Friday after the Crit. So EXCITED!!!! I know that I have a great shot at making the team but I am still nervous. Some say that makes me a better athlete but I just wish I could relax just a bit more. Oh well. I will bottle up all of the butterflies in my stomach and release the furry on the TT course. For those starting in front of me watch out here I come!!
After Trials I am off to NC. What you ask is in NC, not that much really:) I kid. A friend has invited me to hang for the week between races and it gives me a chance to ride in a new part of the country. I hear that the Smokey Mountains are really awesome to ride. I hope so! After my training block in NC. I will be on my way up to Canada for the final World Cup before the Paralympics. It will be held in one of my favorite places to race, but my least favorite place to get to, Baie-Comeau, QC. After the races I will be back in Colorado for all of two days before heading to LA for the first of many velodrome training camps getting ready for the big show in September.
After LA I will be home for 10 days, aaahh-mazing. I should add up all of the days that I am home and see weather or not I am really ever home. I thing my duffle bag contains more of my bike life then my room does most of the time.

Look for day-by-day update on my twitter feed and facebook, both are jonezyrocks!!

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