I am a 8 time Paralympic Athlete competing in the sports of Alpine Skiing and Cycling. I am also a Mechanical Engineer. I love to speak to groups of all ages and sizes about my journeys and my successes. I have a beautiful and supporting wife, a young dog, two cats, and three chickens. My life is all about being me and enjoying every moment of it. I am trying my skill at gardening and owning a house. I collect Coca-Cola bottles from around the world and enjoy building lego sets in my spare time. New

5 thoughts on “About Me and Who I Am

  1. So excited to find all about you! You are an inspiration! BTW, your Mom is my little man’s PT! Love and prayers your way!

  2. Hi Allison, I have talked with you on several occasions while I worked for CS District 11. We were so honored when you marched in our opening ceremonies for Ron Hein Festival at Garry Berry Stadium many years ago. I am friends with Cathy Kautza from Columbia Elem who has sinced then retired now for a few year.

    I am currently teaching at UCCS here in Springs and would love to have you come talk to my class about your experiences as an Olympian! I am a huge fan and admire your work ethic and ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

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