Growing Up With a Disability
I am now 29 years old and have been active my entire life.  I was born with a deformed femur in right leg.  At nine months old my parents made the decision to have my foot amputated and my femur and tibia fused together.  This could have set me up for a life of lower expectations and lower activity levels but not with my parents.  My mother and father were very active and I was to take part in everything.  I learned to ride a bike, skate board, rock climb, white water raft, hike, ski, and to just be a kid. I only knew to be a kid and not someone with a disability.

jk1003jones-001Me with Skis
I started skiing at the age of 5 as the result of my mother trying to find a sport that my whole family to take part in.  I started skiing with the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado.  At the beginning we went up a couple of times each winter, then over time it became every weekend, and then holidays.  When I was 8 years old my instructor told my mother that I didn’t need any more lessons but with the desire that I had to learn more and to go faster he sent me over to the competition program.  I started training and started getting faster.  I never thought that this was going to be my career, I was just having fun.  I got to travel to Utah and Canada, and I made friends with members of the US Disabled Alpine Ski Team.  When I was 15 I made the move up to the Winter Park area with my father to ski full time.

A year later in 2001 I made the US team.  I was still in high school so I learned quickly how to balance both skiing and school. In 2002 I was selected to the World Cup Team and the Paralympic Team.  I won my first international medal in Querays, France (3rd in the Giant Slalom).  I also won two silver medals at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Paralympic Games in the Giant Slalom and the Super-G.  I continued to ski through college competing at the 2004 World Champions in Austria where I won the Downhill, Giant Slalom, and Slalom, and a silver in the Super-G. I finished the 2004 season off 2nd overall in the world, and overall champion in the Super-G. In 2006 I competed at the Paralympics in Torino, Italy.  I finished 7th in the Downhill, 4thin the Super-G, 5th in the Giant Slalom, and Gold in the Slalom.  Despite not getting onto the podium at the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver I am back at in preparation for the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. In the 2013 winter season at the test event in Sochi I won a Bronze in the Downhill and a Silver in the Slalom, so my spirits are confident.

Me with a Bike
I learned to ride a bike like any kid, training wheels and in my case duct tape to keep my right foot on the pedal.  I was always looking for something to do in the summer when I wasn’t skiing.  For a while I was swimming with the Colorado SpringsSwim Team at the outdoor pool on the Olympic Training Center Complex.  My sister was not a good swimmer and didn’t really want to take part to the degree that I did so it became just me after a while.  Living in Colorado Springs there was always something to do and often we would visit the local Velodrome when ever we saw the lights on.  Usually it would be just a locals race, maybe even a nationals, once it was the Junior World Championships.  In 1998 we went to the velodrome just as if it were a normal race going on and low and behold it was the Disabled World Championships.  I had never seen someone with a disability compete in cycling before and I was very interested.  My mother found the first American coach and asked how to sign up and learn to ride.  The following spring I was being taught how to ride a track bike, never have ridden a normal road bike.  I started to compete locally not realizing what opportunities were out there for me.  I went to the disabled nationals, which coincided with junior nationals in T-Town, Pennsylvania.  I competed in both the disabled athletes and the junior riders.

I tried out for the 2000 Paralympics not knowing that there was no female category so I had to race against the men, I told myself then that I was going to stick with it and in four years most of those competing would have retired and I would have a better chance at competing.  In 2002 I made the World Championship team and traveled to Aldenstat, Germany.  I won two silvers and a bronze.  I IMG_2919
continued to ride and in 2004 I made the Athens Paralympic Cycling Team.  I placed 4th in the Kilometer Sprint and 6th in the Road Time Trial.  In 2006 I competed in the World Championships in Aigle,Switzerland, where I place 3rd in Road Time Trail.  I repeated my performance at the 2007 World Championships in Bordeaux, France.  In 2008 I competed in the Summer Paralympics in Beijing, China where I placed 2nd in the Road Time Trial.  In 2009 at the Road World Championships in Italy I placed 2nd in the Time Trial and Road Race, I was getting closer and closer to that top spot. In 2010 I reached the top step on the podium winning the 2010 Road Time Trial and Road Race. I continued my World Championship streak in Montichiari, Italy winning the 3km Individual Pursuit and 3rd in the 500m Sprint. 2011 was a super busy year with a World Cup series starting and traveling to Europe multiple times. That year I was the first C2 female cyclist to win the World Cup overall title, winning 4 of the 4 World Cups I started in. I carried that momentum into the 2011 World Championship in Rosklide, Denmark winning both the Road Race and Time Trial making that 5 World Championship Titles. This was the best lead up I could have going into the 2012 Paralympic year. The 2012 Track World Championships in Los Angeles was the last track competition before the Paralympics in London. I managed two bronze medals in the 3km Individual Pursuit and 500m Sprint. I went on to win 3 of the 4 World Cups that I started and was feeling strong. After a great preparation for the 2012 Summer Paralympics in Los Angeles, CA and Newport, Wales I was racing in my 6th Paralympic Games in London, England. The very first day and the very first medal ceremony of the cycling events I was on the podium with a Bronze in the 3km Individual Pursuitwith a comeback finals ride after qualifying 4th. I won the first medal for USA. I then went to place 4th in the 500m Sprint concluding my Track races. On the road I continued my success with a gold medal in the Individual Time Trial and a Bronze in the Road Race.

Through skiing and cycling I still went to school like any other kid.  I went to the local elementary, middle school, and the first part of high school in Colorado Springs.  In 2000 I spent the winter and the rest of my high school career at Middle Park High School in Granby, CO so that I could ski full time.  I graduated in 2002 with a full scholarship to the University of Denver from the generosity of the Willy Schaeffler Scholarship Endowment Fund.  I majored in Mechanical Engineering.  DU was a great school for skiing because it is on a quarter system and in 2004 and 2006 I took the winter quarter off so that I could ski full time with the ski team.  I was also able to train with the DU Ski Team on and off of the snow.  The faculty at DU was very supportive and were willing to rearrange schedules so that I could continue to ski and cycle while in school.  I graduated in 2007 and was the recipient of the Pioneer Award, the highest award by the school to an undergraduate.