Why is there a chair hanging from your window.

There is a chair hanging from my window because it stinks. The chair smells like camp fire and I don’t want my room to smell like smoke. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against camp fire smoke because it means that I just got back from camping where I built a camp fire. I cooked sausages and made smores. I read my book and had hot chocolate. A perfect little get away. I could not ask for more nor wished for anything different. My last camping trip of the summer and I had a grand time. I hung out with my mother’s dog Raleigh and my dad. I camped near Buena Vista along Chalk Creek a super secret spot. The quite time with just the dog was what I have needed for a while. I finished a book that I started what seems like ages ago and started a new one, hopefully won’t take as long to finish as the last.
I am glad that I was able to get this chance to escape because this next eight weeks are going to be a rush. I am going to four countries in five weeks. Ten days in Denmark, five days in London and Whales, three days in Reno, ten plus days in LA, and hopefully a beautiful week in Rossland, BC. I might tag on NY at the end of that to get a new socket. I am really glad I took the weekend off.

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