What in the world?

“What in the world?” is a phrase that I like to use from time to time. I have been saying this a lot in my head as of late for the fact that I always seem to bite of more then I can chew. I am about to embark on a five week adventure to four countries, including different regions of the United State, drive more then 3000 miles and fly more then 24 hours. I am stoked!!! How do I get ready for this multi destinational adventure. First I have to pack a car that I am not driving to Reno but will carry everything that I need for the second half of my trip. This will include my mountain bike, things I need for warmer weather, equipment for mountain biking, food for LA, and what ever track equipment I need for racing. Second I need to pack for the first trip. I am going to Denmark and London. The weather is not supposed to be all that warm in Denmark so I will assume the same for London. I will need two bikes, all my new team USA clothing, my clothing for the Team USA Britain Bound trip, my World Championship TT and Road Race attire, and then everything else you bring on a two week trip to Europe and the UK.
Then again I say to myself, “What in the World” am a going to do. I need to get all of this done while I train and prepare for the races that I am traveling for in the first place. I know that I will be able to do this but it is just getting it done and my do it the night before probably won’t cut it this time. Needless to say, “What in the World am going to do?” I am going to do it with style no mater how I end up doing it.

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