This blog will be a shout out to all of my supporters, fans, and mostly family. I was nominated for an ESPY award. For those that don’t watch tv that is the ESPN Sports Performance of the Year awards. A good excuse for ESPN to throw a really big party over two days and invite amazing athletes. I had a blast. My mother and I both flew in style sitting in first class to LA. Once in LA we were picked up by car service to the W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. I was absolutely loving life. Once at the hotel I wasn’t excepting what I was about to go through. I knew that there was a gift bag pick up but I was treated like someone that was important. I have been semi pampered before but nothing compared to this. The staff were amazing.My mother and I were put up in a very nice room and escorted through the procession with a certain entitlement, which was hard for both of us to fully embrace being very polite and modest when it comes to exploiting the situation. After checking in and getting the tickets for the first evening we were escorted to the gift bag pick up. I thought it would be a small duffle bag with a bunch of promotional gifts but I was very wrong. My first gift was a duffle bag full of everything. Now I thought that this was amazing and also thought that this was it. Again I was wrong. We walked across the lobby to what would be a corridor of rooms where each room was dedicated to individual companies. After an hour or so my moms arms were full of additional gifts, a few were even given to her. I was completely over welhmed with every thing. Returning to the room I actually went through all of the bags and survey the gifts. I am very grateful for everything because this was truly an experience and I hadn’t even gone to the award ceremony yet. Before that night activities mom and I went to the pool on the roof and had a grand time hanging out with Melissa Stockwell and her boyfriend. That night was the first party. Neither of us stayed out to late knowing that the next night was going to be even longer. I wore a very cute little pink dress, yes folks a dress. No shoulder straps and thanks to a spray on tan I looked like I could be at the beach.
The next morning was a little bit more chill. We slept in just a bit and headed to lunch at the ESPN Zone next to the Nokia Theater where the ceremony was going to be. The place was packed and the band was going through the sound check for that nights event. After lunch we both got ready for the awards. Transporting that many people is a lot and time consuming. There were three waves of people and a lot of well know athletes getting onto shuttle buses to head over to the theater. I went down early to check everything out and hang with other athletes before the craziness of the evening. I had a ton of fun. Usually my camera would be out but I was so over welhmed that I only got a rare few photos. I was having way to much fun.
Once at the theater I got to walk the red carpet. That was awesome. I had know clue what I was supposed to do or what was excepted, I just went with the flow of it. There were a ton of cameras and lots of shouting photographers. Good news I wasn’t the star of the show. Thanks goodness. There were other attendees that were just going through the wringer trying to appease all of the journalist. I very nice escort walked me through all of the media interviews and that was fun. I got to answer a ton of media questions, some were easy and some I had no clue what angle they were going for. I was definitely an experience. Once in the theater I had a grand time in awe and amazement. I star studded packed theater full of famous athletes and there guests. The ceremony itself was fun with Seth Meyers hosting. The stories and awards given were touching and amazing at the same time. After the show we all went to the post party and listened to a couple of awesome concerts, one of which was CeeLo Green. The deserts and food were amazing. The whole experience was absolutely amazing.

The only reason I was there was because someone nominated me and I give a huge Thank You. Thank you for the amazing trip and the ability to share it with my mother.

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