So… I am still horrible at updating my blog whilst on these trips I take. My latest trip was to Montreal, Quebec and Sydney, Australia. I was technically on business trips, but when your business is riding bikes in short and long circles, it is hard to call this trip business. I am really looking forward to sharing my stories though.

It’s all started on April 25th when we got on a wee airplane and flew to Montreal via Chicago. The trip started off great with our newest teammate announcing that he didn’t sleep the night before travel because he was afraid that he would not wake up by 6am. So being half punch drunk the rest of the team couldn’t but make fun of him. Needless to say I enjoyed the travel with the team. Half the group met up in Chicago and the other half flew through Denver, don’t ask cause I don’t know why those who live in Colorado Springs didn’t fly through Denver cause I don’t know nor care, I didn’t pay for the ticket. Once up in Montreal we were greeted with the weather that we were going to be facing most of the weekend, either cold and windy or cold and rainy. The race in Blaineville, just outside of Montreal, was a large oval race way, with head wind one side, tail wind the other side. The ride was quite boring if you asked me but again can’t complain for I was in Canada riding my bike. We all went in circles for different given lengths and finished.

After a day off we were then racing at the F1 track in Montreal, but this is where things get funny. Time Trials were going to be under the lights at this race circuit, only problem is that there were no lights. So the organizers moved the schedule up 45mins but fail to tell anybody. Our original plan was to drive one wave down then the second. Unfortunately with the change in schedule and rush hour traffic through downtown Montreal there was no certainty that the van is going to make it. In short notice the entire team changes and gets ready for an urban time trial. The only way to beat rush hour traffic is to break most traffic laws. We saw no option so on we go. As soon as a hole would open it was taken. We never ran any lights, though we did cross with the pedestrians on occasion. I must say that I enjoyed it. Probably a better warm up then had the vans been able to get us. After that amazing adventure we all managed to win or podium. Good night for the Americans. Next day was the road race on the same circuit. All of the single bikes started together and I had a blast. I was able to keep in the group for half the race and then I was done. I just couldn’t keep up with the accelerations which is fine considering I was the only girl riding with one leg. Sam, Greta, Mike, Oz, Muffy, Monica, Matt, and myself won our classes and Anthony, Dave and Clark, and Vince made the podium as well.

Next thing you know we are rushing to get all of our bikes packed and off to the airport because they and us won’t fit on the transport to the airport together, but once that is done we get to relax a bit and enjoy a good sleep in with an 11am departure.

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