Pre-Race Jitters

I have been racing all of my life. I have had hundreds of starts and hundreds of finishes, and I still get the Jitters. I hate the Jitters. I know what I am doing but I always go into the start nervous. I guess that is a good thing because I have had my share of success. I have also had my share of failures. I don’t dwell on the failures but it is a reality. I am glad to have the Jitters right now. I am excited. I am ready. I look forward to the future. I can’t tell you the outcome but I am going to do my damnedest to do everything to do my best. I have no doubt in my ability but I am always nervous. I know in the end everything will work out. Everything will be fine and dandy on Monday so no worries about the pain and commitment that I am going to put myself in on Saturday and Sunday.

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