Just too Deep

I have been riding my bike outside for the last three days, of which I have ran two Time Trials. The first TT was a 28 minute effort out Otay Rd starting from Chula Vista, CA, and the second TT was a 7 mile 48 minute uphill ride that absolutely decimated me. After the first TT I rode straight back to the training center but after the second ride I thought I had something left and attempted to ride with the group. What I didn’t realize was that the described downhill ride then back up was not just downhill and after the first hill I cracked. I turned around after just one downhill section and started the long ride back. Well after a stupid head wind I found the wall. The impenetrable wall had me convinced that I could still ride my bike while closing my eyes and taking a nap. I at least had the good sense not to listen to my body and ride with both eyes open. I could not believe that I had just gone too deep and then I realize that I haven’t done an effort more the ten minutes in the last two months. I hope to never have that feeling ever again. It was very scary and disheartening to see the bottom like that. Lesson learned that anything Craig says is a far exaggeration of the truth when it comes to a ride.
Now I move on to recovery rides and repacking of the bike to ship to Arizona for a nice couple of days in the sun hanging out with Dave and Clark. I did sign up for a stage race in Phoenix, we will see how that goes, but I am going in with a very open mind.

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