I have faced my challenge and now have a meager understanding of what I need and want to do. I have been with a friend for the last week who has helped me more then I can explain in words. I got to face myself. I was able to enjoy life and prove to myself what is really important. I know this is very cryptic but that is how things are sometime, specially when you are just realizing it. Do I wish things were different, of course but as I have stated previously I look forward to change otherwise life might be boring.
When one faces new challenges, specially unexpected ones you get to see who you are by what actions you take. My initial reaction was not a wise one and after several hours of thinking it out in my head I realized how absurd I was being and how I could better myself by acknowledging, learning, and evolving from what I had experienced. Don’t let me confuse you but I had a great time. I realized that I can still love skiing even though I am not making a career of it right now. I got to do what I love and enjoy it more then ever. I have given-in that the world will not end if I’m not doing both sports. It is weird though, skiing and not giving a rats butt about gate chasing. I have been following the races on the Internet and don’t have one care in the world about being there. It is cool see familiar names and how everyone is doing but I am perfectly content on just focusing on cycling. Specially now that the cycling season is picking up.
I plan to throw more curves my way through various endeavors to keep me on my toes. All in the name of challenging myself and not sitting still. Anything is truly possible if you try and I am going to try a lot of new things!!!

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