Finding the Passion

In every one of us there is a passion for life. Whether that passion takes you outdoors, indoors, or to the moon, we all have passion for life. My passion for life is only growing stronger and stronger. I sit here in paradise trying to motivate myself to leave and go home but each day I grow a bit more passionate about this place. I can literally ride out the door, pedal for twenty to thirty minutes, and I am at the top on a single track that goes left, right, up, and down. I can see the ski hill that will soon be covered in snow from the breakfast table. I am experiencing an atmosphere of complete love for the outdoors. The community here revolves around the outdoors and love of adventure, whether on a bike, on foot, on skis, in the rain, or in the sun. Why would any sane person want to leave? To leave the majestic fall colors that shine brightly before the coming winter. This is a paradise where all seasons bring life to the community. I am falling in love with this place and I will be back no matter what. I tell myself this so that I know I will be back, that I will return to paradise with the full intention of submerging fully into the passion that is radiating from every pore. I have only been here a couple of weeks and people recognize me without curiosity of “who are you?” but with the “welcome to our paradise please indulge yourself.”
Every person should be able to find that passion that draws you to a place, to an atmosphere where Utopia is almost possible. I am passionate for many things but none greater than the other, for there is a harmony to it all, even the chaotic bits. I am a creature of habit but this place allows me to break out of the pattern and live life to the fullest, to explore new realms of myself. To again and again experience new attributes of whom I am. Nobody fully knows who they are until they have tried something new and even then there will be always be another path to follow and break away from. You define who you are and you should never be able to finish the whole story. You should continue to write new chapters, to explore new beginnings and endings. And when you think you have done it all, make the left where you would normally go right. Climb the hill that nobody said you could climb, read the book that everybody said you would hate. Never say no to the new, the crazy, the abnormal. We are all individuals that need to live our lives to the fullest, to experience everything that is out there for us to experience. Say yes to the impossible. Say yes to the unknown. Say yes to the nos. Never stop listening to your heart and where your passion leads you.

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