Fall in the Mountains

I have been very lucky. All I do is ride my bike, do a little workout, and hang out with really cool people. Last week my friend’s good friend drove twelve hours to come and hang out for the week. The timing wasn’t fully coordinated for the same time that I was going to be here but that is just what it happened to be. I had a ton of fun. I was riding everyday and loving life. I got my first mountain bike, a Giant for all those who just have to know. It was a great deal and I have gotten to ride it in the past. Having multiple friends out here my host was riding twice most days, usually a ride that I was good at and then one that the boys could go out and hit some jumps and skinnys and trails I wasn’t ready for. I have been pushing my own limits and learning how to keep up. I am not quite ready for the really tough runs but I am getting there. Hopefully by the end of my stay I will have conquered a bit of trail that conquered me last time I was out. The trail is only a small section but it is a much more difficult trail then what I usually ride. I have figured out the complicated art of hairpins, dips, and riding up rocky and tree root infested trails. By no means do I call myself an expert but I am having tons of fun. There are a good variety of rides out here in the self proclaimed mountain biking capital of Canada. Some of the rides that I have done include a 20-30 minute pedal up an old forest service road and the riding back down to the bottom. One trail that we recently discovered is a loop with part uphill service road, up hill single track and then a section of new soft down leading into an almost perfect, bmx style bottom back to the car. One of my favorite trails is a full on descent with plenty of hairpins, roots, rocks, and dirt skinny sections. According to my friend from when I first road the Duney, practically my first ride, to what we just did yesterday we made it down 15 minutes faster. I know that this is trip is not a competition and that there is no pressure to get faster, but it is way fun to just point the bike down the trail and hold on for dear life. There was a section where I was right on him. I know that he is holding back, only slightly, but I still feel how much faster I am going.

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