Day one in Rossland was a blast. I went and picked up the bike, one that actually fits me, figured out how the new pedals worked, and proceeded up the mountain. The first ride is always a little bit crazy, trying to remember where my feet, which normally is foot, are supposed to be when turning different direction, when to sit back down, how to move the bike under me, and overcoming the constant fear of going over the handle bars. We rode down bits that I wasn’t quite ready for but made it down in one piece.  I crashed once that shook me up a little but was back on the bike in no time. I am 50/50 at clipping my right foot into the pedal, most of the time Jim just comes and does it to get out of mosquito fields quicker.  After a bit of lunch today we are going to do a second ride just up the rode from the house.  I am having a blast and look forward to the rides after my quick trip to Chi town.

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