Rainy Days

So the weather here in Colorado Springs is always a guess. I never enjoy riding the rollers for extended periods of time, but I don’t like getting all that wet either. So which do I choose?  I think I am going with the procrastinating hope that the weather will change and I will be able ride outside… I really don’t believe that will happen but I am going to hope. I am also going to wait until the soccer game is over and the US has won. I guess this rain is a blessing so that I can watch the soccer game.

I did get to enjoy the awesomeness of Colorado’s weather. The other night I sat up on a rock wall on Gold Camp Road and watched a huge electrical storm that was hanging out east. I couldn’t hear the thunder but I could only image what it was like with all of the lightning going off. The evening was absolutely gorgeous, warm and a good show.

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